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18 August 2006 @ 04:17 pm
The internet is being a fucker. I'm at the library using their internet. It's shit here too.

I have to convince Dad to fix it. I'm not allowed to go into his room and fix it myself.

Also, next time I go to the library, I'm definitely NOT going to go to the Olympia library. I think most people here have some sort of contagious disease. Is stupidity contagious? If it is, then A LOT of people here are a hazard to society. Well, stupidity is already a hazard, but if it spreads to others...

omg...an epidemic...

So...I will go to Tumwater--it's right next to a highschool and isn't as easily accessible to...er...deficient people...or maybe Lacey. I like the Lacey library but I don't like the street I have to cross to get to it.

Man, I sound like an ass in this entry.

I passed my fourth drive! And apparently I'm good at parallel parking. *totally rocks*
12 August 2006 @ 03:59 pm
I just spilt ramen all over my desk. So I have ramen on my keyboard, monitor, computer, mouse, and mousepad. It's cleaned up now but...I am sad.

It was so sticky! I had to keep on wiping it up and cleaning it. And I spilt some on the carpet. Pet Spotter would be OK to use on ramen stains right? I mean, it makes cat/dog piss smell go away and makes the carpet clean. It should make ramen smell go away and make the carpet clean without any problems...

I cheered myself up by eating the candy bar I bought at driving school the other day. It was in my pocket on my new pair of shorts which got splashed by ramen and Pet Spotter. I like these shorts. I hope they don't get permanently stained since I just got them.

I wanted to drink the broth!

On the plus side, I ate most of the ramen. And my desk now has a clean-ish space because I shoved everything to the side before it became ramenized. My bus transit schedule now smells like ramen. I'm not sure if this is a plus or not, but hey.

Aaaannnd, something completely unrelated...

My dad is an ass and won't let me drive.Collapse )

I should catch the bus and leave soon. I don't want to be home so he can bother me. Maybe I'll ride the bus out to Tacoma tomorrow, too. Except, I can't tell the Parental Units that because they wouldn't let me. I'll have just have to say "Mall" and not specify which one.

Also, there was this creepy guy talking to me at the bus stop...I didn't want to be rude so I talked back. He started asking me where I was riding the bus to, how I liked it here, what religion I was, and.....

When would I turn 18.


I guess the look I gave him at that question made him leave me alone. Either he was a harmless creepy guy who just realized that wasn't a harmless question or he was a creepy creepy guy who had some not so innocent intentions.

He's kinda fat, wore all black, had glasses, was balding, and must've at least been in his 30's.

I had to change my destination plans.

I was going to go home, but I would have been all alone and he would've known where I lived. He went to the station with me and he looked like he was going to go on my bus ride home. So I went somewhere else. And then I went to my kinda-sorta-boyfriend's house.

Am I paranoid? I blame Dad. I think it's a good type of paranoid, though.
10 August 2006 @ 10:25 pm
Friend: There seems to be a lot of Gaara and Lee yaoi.
Me: Yeah. Weird but I can see why.
Friend: Yeah, Lee probably has enough eyebrows for the both of them.

Still no Naruto Movie 3.

Also, I pwn. I downloaded Naruto Ep. 196 within 2 hours and 11 minutes of its release. Who rules? I do! I do! Now I just have to let it seed. *loffs on bittorrent*

I also read this essay-ish thing on Snape. I think it's pretty good.

Why Severus Snape Cast a Real Avada Kedavra on the Tower and Why It Wasn’t Murder


I have a drive tomorrow. I am slightly nervous. I hope there are no tricycling toddlers. That would be horrible. Then again, what would they be doing on a rural road? No! I must be prepared for anything! Including toddlers with stupid parents.

Also, if I actually do go conning...and cosplaying...apparently Naruto cosplayers are abundant. Especially Naruto AnBu peeps. Woe. So now I need to figure something else out because that wouldn't be especially fun. Well, maybe I will because damn dressing up as an AnBu would be easy.

Maybe Kankurou? Wait...I kinda hate face paint. I'm great at putting it on (unlike makeup) but I always develop this weird itch on my nose once it's on...

Someone I hold a vague (very very very vague) resemblance to...comfortable clothes...someone I like...

Must think more.

You would think there'd be more options for a half asian kid.
31 July 2006 @ 12:31 am
Queer as Folk...here I come! *is downloading like a download h0r*

I've watched the opening bit...looks like fun. And man, that guy's wearing tight pants.

I met an old friend who I haven't seen in years. This makes me happy. We will hang out now. A lot. And can you believe she's kept the same boyfriend all these years? A middle school romance that's only breaking up now because he's going off to college and they don't want to do a long distance thing. And she could basically have any guy she wanted. She's nice and hawt.

I promised to burn her the ALL of the Naruto Eps. Maybe I should get her the manga, too. She's letting me borrow her FAKE manga. Yay for mansex!

I've also been chatting/spamming a friend through Gmail Chat. Heh. Apparently she also thinks Jack Sparrow is fruity.

Damn. I wish they'd start with Kakashi Gaiden already. But they probably aren't going to do that till episode 200. This makes me sad. But at least the current episodes are funny. I love Rock Lee and Gai.

I still need to watch 194 and 195.

Damn. In a fic I'm reading (Blood and Tears by FastForward) there's angst galore. The author, I think she enjoys torturing us. Admittedly, there's worse angst out there. I can point to some HP fics and a recent Naruto fic I read. But damn. Why did she do that to Kakashi?

I'm going to read her fireman!Naruto fic. I was convinced by the drawings of it somebody gave her. Hot.

I'm starting driving school on Tuesday. About damn time.

I'm kinda sorta dating a boy. We kinda sorta cuddled. Though the way he looked at me on the ride home made me extremely nervous. He was staring. I mean, seriously staring. I suppose answering the door in only a towel the other day wasn't a smart thing to do. But he was early! And I like taking long showers.

Too much info, huh?

*goes away to sort*

Hmmm. I'm not required to sort 15 am I? I just rejoined. And I'm not very fast at sorting. I'm not very fast at anything. D:
22 February 2006 @ 01:39 pm
Gaara! You're alive! Thank you Chiyo-baasama!

05 December 2005 @ 11:23 pm
Here's a link to a house essay for Ravenclaw. I think, for the most part, that it's spot on.